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Super Therm® Test Adelaide South Australia

Super Therm ® (Sheet 2) with just one coat was only 2°c higher on the underside than the ambient temperature of 35°c. Although we did not test a coat of Space Grey on an uncoated galvansied sheet we estimate even at a conservative 2% increase the underside temperature would be 57° in relation to the ° recorded with Super Therm ® which is a 22% difference.

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SuperTherm: 2010

Super Therm® reflects over a surface and Coast Guard and is certified testing. * Long Lasting In case of Super Therm® is on the three radiation from the sun, which are ultraviolet, visual light and to 8 inches of fire. "0" Flame and ecoeffective by the market today. Super Therm® is the three radiation sources from the market today.

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Ecodale questions SUPER THERM: insulation or paint ...

 · Because SUPER THERM has been tested for moisture control and hydrostatic pressure resistance, it can block the loading of moisture into substrates. Blocking moisture load is very critical to keeping a substrate dry and better able to control air temperature inside a building or container.

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Supertherm | Super Therm®: The Most Effective Ceramic ...

 · Super Therm® so that a comparison could be made with Super Therm® outperforms Traditional Insulation The ASTM C236 Heat Transfer (Guarded Hot Box) test was performed with Super Therm®: Proof Super Therm® outperforms Traditional Insulation The ASTM C236 Heat Transfer (Guarded Hot Box) test methods and procedures used by the traditional insulation (R) rating.

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Quinn Therm Product Brochure

Quinn Therm will perform for the service life of the building. Fire Properties Quinn Therm products have been tested to BS EN 135011 to achieve Euro class rating. Quinn Therm boards also have a Class 1 rating when tested to BS 4767. Thermal performance Quinn Therm has a thermal conductivity as low as /mK, making it one of the most

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Walmart rated SUPER THERM #1. DNV approval for IMO use on all world wide vessels. Blocks of infrared heat radiation as per JIS A 5759 test. IMO International Marine Organization. Coast Guard Approved. Energy Star rated SUPER THERM one of the best overall. SUPER THERM saves Sony Corporation 80% of energy usage in 3 level building every year.

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Super Therm is a leading edge high tech coating system designed to give the ultimate in long lasting protection with considerable energy savings. Insulation is important for buildings in many ways such as for conserving energy, preventing fire hazards, reducing noise to tolerable working levels required by law, and reducing requirements for air conditioning and heat generating systems.

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Super Therm cool roof building coating | Better Painting ...

Because it is a certified Energy Star 20yr cool roof coating, it brings the same protection and effectiveness designed for commercial roofing directly to your building's walls, storage tanks, HVAC units and ducts and unconditioned spaces. It's not good to be true. It's just better science. Benefits of Using Super Therm®:

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SUPER THERM® 2050%* energy saving blocks 95% solar heat

Super Therm ® the proven 21st century ecofriendly coating solving Australia's energy efficiency challenges!. Did you know a 6° reduction in the thermostat produces a 39% reduction in utility costs Con Edison, NY.. Super Therm ® is better technology for Australia's needs!. Energy efficiency is a major challenge for industry, government and home owners in Australia.

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Eagle Coatings Canadian and home of Supertherm ...

SUPERTHERM, SUPER THERM Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating and other Commercial Industrial Protective Coatings such as Fire, Corrosion, Water, Concrete and Graffiti : E AGLE S PECIALIZED C OATINGS A ND P ROTECTED E NVIRONMENTS A Division of DW Pearce Enterprises Ltd. (1979)

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Resources Reference PDF; Omega Fire 0310; Hot Pipe Coating (HPC) 0310C; Hot Pipe Coating High Temp (HPCHT) 0320; Hot Surface Coating (HSC) 0310D; SuperTherm 0311

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Super Therm® Tech Sheets

Make a Super Therm ® Enquiry. We sell all coatings manufactured by SPI. Coverage guide: litre pails – 45m 2 per pail or 2 per litre. For total efficiency do not dilute Super Therm ®. NEOtech Coatings the home of Super Therm ® in Australia. About Super Therm.

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SUPER THERM® on the Tucson Airport

Main Terminal Roof Complex: 374,804 We coated the entire Tucson Airport complex of roofing in Tucson, Arizona. The roofing is "cap sheet" which is tar paper and this requires SUPER BASE (HS) at 9 (100 ) per gallon and then overcoated with SUPER THERM® at 9 (100 ) per gallon.

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